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What Next?

What is it about clouds that fascinate you? Perhaps it is their temporal, fleeting nature that titillates you with promise of rain or cover from the heat of the sun?

At Myt Technologies, the shapes and images that clouds form as they coalesce and disperse across the sky inspires us to operate at the cutting edge of predictive technologies without sacrificing our capabilities in providing you with conventional data management expertise.

We just don't do analytics, we do predictions.

Data Management


We specialise in Data Architecture, Data Quality, Data Migration, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management and Data Governance

We believe that the quality of data is at the heart of a successful data architecture implementation that supports business processes and contributes to   business digitisation.


We consult on delivering a Boundaryless Information Flow™ architecture as envisaged by TOGAF.

If you are looking to improve the seamless use of data across multiple business functions and processes, we can help you brainstorm your ideas and set out a roadmap to achieve your goals..


We go beyond the mre transfer of knowledge by infusing you with our own DNA so you can become a leader in a disruptive world.

Our training goes beyoind a classroom-style setting. We provide thought leadership in a number of areas that we wish to share with you so you can utilise the same kind of thinking in your business.

Predictive Geometry

Currently in research phase, predictive geometry promises to revolutionise the way predictions are made.

Since the dawn of modern civilisation, we have mainly relied on algebraic formulas to make predictions. Predictive Geometry aims to establish a veritable platform for the predictive properties of computational geometry.

We are currently in the process of raising funds required to obtain computational resources, both human and non-human.

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